Message: A Miracle & A Message

Feb 11, 2024    Pastor Anthony J Shetley

Acts 3 – Peter and John were going to the temple to pray at the time of the evening sacrifice, and as they approached the gate, they encountered a man who had been brought there by his family or friends because he was crippled. They placed him there in order for him to beg for money. This was the story of this man’s life because he had been crippled from birth.

His hope for each day was circumstantial. He had to depend on the generosity of others. Would this be a good day? Would there be a lot of traffic at the temple? Will the people be generous today? Oh, that someone would come along and offer him gold or silver? Even so, no amount of money could buy this man his greatest desire – to be made whole.

This day would forever change this man’s life. God had a miracle for him. Today, He would completely place his faith in the name of Jesus Christ, and as a result of his faith, he would receive from God what he could never receive from anyone else! This man received the miracle of being made whole!